First and foremost, cycling is supposed to be fun – it’s worth remembering that when you’re dragging your sweaty self up some tortuous climb…  

Second, a simple question: what do you want to get from cycling – get fit, lose weight, climb hills faster, wear wet lycra in public, or just ride with others?  Give it some thought as this will guide the type of training you do (if any).

With practice, you can achieve nearly all of these things and more, but if you really want to make progress toward a goal, you will need to train specifically for it. These pages give you some pointers and there are loads of resources online and in print that will give you buckets of advice. But we will try to keep it simple…

Third, cycling is good for you, as British Cycling are keen on telling us, but if you are planning to take up cycling for the first time, or you’ve spent years doing little or no exercise, and/or you have a chronic health problem, check with your doctor first – you are responsible for your health and we are not medical experts.

There are many aspects to training for cycling and this part of the website covers:

Cycling provides more than a way of keeping fit. It provides an opportunity to learn new skills – riding in a group, handling a bike, becoming a coffee snob – and to make new friends. It builds capability and confidence, and being in a club is often the best way to improve.