Join us

We welcome new members and we are open to all for the very reasonable sum of £10 per year (£7.50 ‘second claim’ for riders who are members of other clubs).  We want you to ride with us at a comfortable level, so please read the following advice.  Please use the ‘get in touch‘ page to find out more or meet us on Saturday mornings in Bexhill.

Maybe you cycle already and use Strava or a cycling computer, so you have an idea of your average speed over a range of rides.  We like to have some idea of your riding abilities so we can recommend the best option for you.

New to cycling?  Meet us on Saturdays
If you are new to cycling, please ‘try before you buy’ – come to the Saturday morning ‘Bacon Butty Ride‘ to meet and ride with other club members. Plenty of new members are also new to cycling and can share their experiences and give you support.

As a prospective new member, you can have up to three rides with us before making up your mind to join. Once you have paid the membership fee you have access to the private Facebook and Strava groups, and a feeling of deep pride…

A more experienced rider?
We regularly take in new members who have ridden for years, either alone or in other clubs, before perhaps moving to the area. You may also be a regular Strava user or have held a racing licence in your glorious but distant past. This experience can help decide what rides might suit you best.

Please contact us so that we can discuss the best ride for you.

Please note that no rider new to the club will be allowed to start riding with us on the Chain Gang.  For safety reasons, we need to be confident that you are capable of taking part in this ride.

Lady riders
Ladies are very welcome at the club. It’s true that we do not have as many women as men in the club, but we do have some regular female riders.

For our purposes, any rider under the age of 18 is a junior rider.  We have a number of younger riders in the club, most of whom take part in the ‘Bacon Butty Ride‘ on a Saturday morning, as well as in time trials in the summer months.

Membership form
If you’ve been for a few rides with us and you’re keen to join, you’ll need to complete this membership form and email it to the membership secretary. The form also has details of how to pay your membership fee.

Please note that when submitting the membership form electronically, the club believes that you take full responsibility for your own insurance arrangements.  A hard copy asks for your signature.