East Sussex CA 100 TT Result – 17th August 2018

Good club effort despite a pain in the neck

We had a team of three riders finish the East Sussex 100 TT on Sunday.  Gareth Purves (4:53:08) made a strong debut at the distance not long after his 50 debut (2:17:38).  He was looking very good on the first two, of three, laps but his neck muscles were struggling to lift his head up from the tri-bars tuck to look at the road ahead, so most of the last lap was ridden sat up.

Paul Butler (5:13:41) improved his 2017 debut time by over 13 minutes.

Chris Parker (5:29:28) completed the ESCA 100 to qualify for the ESCA and Club BAR competitions for what must now be the 20th consecutive year. One year there was no ESCA 100 but the SCCU 100 was used for the ESCA Best All Rounder over 100, 50 and 25 miles.

Both Gareth and Paul need to ride a 25 to qualify for the Club BAR e.g. the Rovers 25 on 9 September or the ESCA 25 on 16 September (also qualifies them for the ESCA BAR), both Sunday events on the Uckfield course.

We had five riders on the start sheet with two DNS.  Malcolm Daly picked up an injury in the week before the event and his osteo could not fix him in time, but he came out to watch the end of the event and chat with Club President Stuart Crabb marshalling a long stint at Boship roundabout and the riders in the HQ.  Tom Norris had an alarm malfunction but eventually got up to enjoy Nigel’s Improvers Ride.

Trainsharp’s Nathan Russell has been a regular supporter of our Club TTs and made his 100 debut with a time of 4:19:16.

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