Broad Oak Road Bike TT report

No pointy helmets, no tri-bars or other TT nonsense…

Last week was a road bike TT at Broad Oak with all 15 riders on road bikes, some more retro than others such as Alex Cornwell (20:21) who won the club event on a steel frame and standard wheel rims.  About half the field had deep rims which should have been given a few seconds handicap (!), and a few in skin suits who also should have had a few seconds handicap!

It looks as though a TT bike will cut times for the faster riders by about 1 minute 20 seconds over the 8.2 miles based on Stuart Hodd and Fabien’s times.  If I had a TT bike I would not be going fast enough to save that much time since aero benefits improve the faster you go.

Joshua Clark was a Rye junior who now rides for the Royal Navy and was back home on leave to record the fastest time of the evening.  The times of the 15 riders plus Stuart Hodd’s and my road bike times from the previous week were:

20:15 Joshua Clark, Royal Navy
20:21 Alex Cornwell
21:02 Will Murtagh Ashford
21:04 Stuart Hodd last week ( 19:42 on TT bike in May)
21:16 Fabien Large, Nopinz (19:57 on TT bike a week earlier)
21:21 Theo Tadros, Trainsharp (overshot Cripps Corner turn and lost a few seconds)
22:17 Rob Morris, Trainsharp
22:23 John Vidler
22:30 Stewart Buckland
22:43 Mike Hawkins [Velo…..]
23:00 Ivan Johnson (riding fixed gear)
23:02 Gareth Purves (PB faster than early season on his TT bike)
23:07 Peter Baker (needs to remember to thread new chain around the jockey wheels so gears do not jump…)
23:09 Tom Norris
25:06 Greg Lemon PB
26:47 Chris Parker the week before
28:32 Tim Miles

The Red Lion provided a tasty Thai green chicken curry and fish & chips for the end of series (but one) meal.  Those that had done the time keeping and marshalling etc were thanked:  Pippa, Romana, Tim, JV plus several others.

This table gives the times recorded this season plus SBs from 2015 to 2017.  Recent road bike times have been highlighted in yellow, if anyone else wants their road bike time highlighted please let me know.

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